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We know: Talent is the company's first element, but also virtually the only factor;

    We are convinced that: Only the shortage of talent, there is no saturation of the post to join the elite will always be indispensable to plant fast-growing power.


     Our management philosophy: people-oriented, with law as the key link in order to promote promising inaction. For the talent to create a good environment for the growth and career development. Companies adhere to the "career to keep people sentiments, the treatment to keep people" as a consistent policy of human resources, in personnel recruitment, selection, training, incentive constraints, performance appraisal, etc., and constantly blaze new trails, and vigorously to build a talent highland, gradually establish a scientific human resources management system.


      Employing principles: merit-based, it will only move, capacity was supreme. We "stick to one pattern with the talent," vigorously promote "open, equitable, competitive and selective," the employment mechanism, no matter what position you are, as long as you can play to your potential talent, as long as you have real ability, you may a reuse plant personnel. Factory has formed a King who dedicated, fair competition, respect knowledge, respect talent good atmosphere, so that each one has the ability, enterprising employees can display their talent and realize aspirations!


      Families with Indus Phoenix party to, "SDL" flying wings for the talent of the vast sky. With wide sea diving, day Gao Ren daoyin, we sincerely welcome more insight into our ranks, join hands in creating a brighter future!